Quick Environment Script (QES)

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This is a maxscript that was written for internal use at Moso Studio (www.moso-studio.com).
The purpose of QES is to streamline the process of working with HDR files.

Most people use HDR images for lighting; usually, to set a new HDR image or to test different HDR options, there are a lot of steps...like opening the material editor, dragging the HDR from the Env (or a new one) setting and change the values... sometimes adding a colour correction node to reduce intensity or gamma, etc.
Additionally, if you want to use sunlight with it you need to keep track of the rotation of the sun so it matches the HDR sun position.

QES will allow you to make all this process and many additional things very quick like:

* Locate the sun to match azimuth and elevation depending on Time and world location (similar to a Daylight system but within the script)

* Save scene states to quickly store lighting setups and reload them at any time.

* Quick access to your specific HDR libraries (you can set up your local file locations)

* A search of keywords like (sunny, cloudy etc, or a specified by user)

* Use Corona/Vray Sky instead of HDR when prefered

* Add a quick floor plane for rendering assets quickly

* Design to work with Vray and Corona

This tool is distributed for Free or any contribution you wish to give; besides the core programming, we have spent a lot of time trying to make sure is free of bugs, and making it flexible to be used in any environment... BUT there may be some special circumstances that may create an error that we may have not accounted for... this may just mean you need to close and open the script... or it may destroy your computer (just kidding)

Please watch the two videos below to learn more about how to use it!

Enjoy!! and please let us know if you have any questions or issues... we will try to get to it as soon as we are able.


Drag into an open instance of max and follow instructions

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Quick Environment Script (QES)

37 ratings
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